The main purpose of this blog is to make people aware about the mostly speaking topics in the industry because always they don’t have the opportunity to learn everything completely about a topic before they go for a job offer.So I hope this blog will help them up to some extent to be the best among the best because in my blog I have put widely talking topics.

As well, I use this blog as a platform to share my experiences where I hope that these experiences will help you all as well as motivate you all to participate in technological events in order to sharpen your knowledge and skill levels.You can learn any things from the articles I publish at here and I’m there to help you even if you need support regarding the more clarifications on the content.

About me


I’m a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Information Systems undergraduate in Sri Lanka. I have completed a Diploma in Software Engineering as well under the Scottish Qualification Framework.Although I’m a girl, I’m a technology lover who is dreaming to be a business analyst professional who will be serving for the betterment of the society using both business and technology knowledge.

I’m a member of the university hockey team and I also do swimming as well during my leisure.I engage in lots of community work since I’m a passionate volunteer. I’m a young energetic person who actively works in university societies and clubs as well. I’m a student member of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.(IEEE) I also volunteer as a blogger at Google Developer Group Sri Lanka.





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