International Women’s Day Celebration

As a result of hard work by Google Women Techmakers (WTM) Sri Lanka chapter leads,  International Women’s Day celebration 2017 came into stage on 5th of March with the continuous support of the other Google Developer Group Sri Lanka members. Around 100 enthusiastic ladies flocked to Dialog auditorium for the interesting celebration, under this year’s theme “ Telling our story ! ”

“Women’s day is for women in any level”, stated by Dilini Madhubhashini, a lead of WTM taking initiation for the keynote. In her keynote first of all she welcomed all the participants to the event. Then she gave an introduction to the audience about what  Women Techmakers initiative is, the history of  Sri Lankan chapter of Women Techmakers and how this community serves women in technology.

The very first session of the event was CodeLab session on the topic “Build Google Maps using Web Components and No Code”. This was a great hands-on experience which was conducted by Dinuka Jayaweera, a lead of Google Women Techmakers Sri Lanka chapter. She clearly explained the steps of building Google maps in an interesting way through demonstrations which lead all girls more enthusiastic towards learning technological things. It was really a successful session since at the end each of the participant was able to grab the opportunity to develop Google maps on their own.

The very first panel discussion was moderated by Chanduni Wickramasinghe, a lead of WTM Sri Lanka interviewing two appealing Anita Borg Memorial scholars. Dilushi Piumwardhana,  and Dinu Kumarasiri, both who are Software Engineers at MillenniumIT. Main intention of the discussion was to make the participants aware  regarding the opportunities they have in tech world. At the same time they didn’t forget to share their past encounters  encouraging girls to apply for opportunities like RGSoC, Outreachy and Anita Borg Memorial scholarships.

Dinuka Jayaweera,a lead of WTM Sri Lanka Chapter moderated the second panel discussion with four ladies by the names of Nimashi Perera, Consultant-Business Consulting at VirtusaPolaris, Erandathi Ranasinghe, Senior Software Quality Assurance Lead at Pearson Lanka, Dimuthu Leelarathna, Director of Solution Architect at WSO2 and Vidumini Ranasinghe, Project Director at MilleniumIT. Times they hit a rough patch as women and the way they prevail life  was so fascinating to hear as girls as well they retorted the incredulous minds among the audience obligingly providing real life examples.

Final part of the event was about User Experience which is a trending career in software industry. The session was conducted by Michela Thalagala,a lead of WTM Sri Lanka chapter sharing her knowledge. It was a really mesmerizing session because participants were asked to do some practical work to get the real exposure of User Experience giving the opportunity for them to learn and work at the same time.

All the sessions throughout the day were really interactive which paved the way for girls participating to ask their questions and win fabulous prizes from Google Women Techmakers Sri Lanka Chapter. WTM Sri Lanka Chapter served all the participants with delicious food throughout the day making the participants amazed. There was a special message from the women leads in Google Offices APAC, where they congratulated WTM Sri Lanka Chapter for motivating the young ladies for success in their work.

Dilini Madhubhashini, a Lead of WTM Sri Lanka chapter delivered the vote of thanks appreciating efforts that all organizers have put up to take this event on stage. The volunteer team was gifted appreciating their contribution till the end of the event from the start of the event. “Telling our story !”, International Women’s Day celebration by WTM Sri Lanka Chapter was a huge success which enlightened the lives of women in technology.

Contributors : Me and Kithma Marindagoda


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